Heather (dinette) wrote in degrassiobsesd,

Look at Me!

Name: Heather
Age: 22 (Yeah, I'm a little older than most of you. It doesn't matter. I *heart* Degrassi.)
Location: Ohio
5 things about yourself: I'm a bodhran player. (It's a celtic frame drum.), I'm clumsy, I have a crappy waitressing job that I hate, I enjoy the company of others, and I love to laugh.
some other activities you enjoy besides watching degrassi: making music, dancing, yoga, singing, and RPG's.

How well do you know your degrassi stuff
Your favorite character: Craig Manning or Joey Jeremiah
Why: I can relate to Craig. And Joey...well he's the perfect man.
Your favorite character's real name: Jake Epstein and Pat Mastroni (spelling?)
Your least favorite character: Manny Santos
Why: She's overbearing, and tends to interfere in OPP.
Least favorite character's real name:Cassie Steele
two couples that are already dating or you think should: Craig and Ashley, Spinner and Paige.
Quote anyone form degrassi (state their character's name and their real name): "Look at Craig! Taking after step dad!" - Joey Jeremiah (Pat Mastroni)
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