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5 things about yourself:i have red hair,a great personality,and in=m kewl lol
some other activities you enjoy besides watching degrassi:
shopping,playing basketball, bowling
How well do you know your degrassi stuff
Your favorite character:emma,page
Why:becuase they are really kool
Your favorite character's real name:Mariam Mcdonald
Your least favorite character:rick
Why:because he is a phsycho
Least favorite character's real name:
two couples that are already dating or you think should:i yhink sean and emma are sooo cute they should totally go out! and jimmy and hazel are adorable
Quote anyone form degrassi(state their character's name and their real name): emma-mariam mcdonald, sean-daniel clark,toby-jake goldsbie,paige-lauren collins,ellie-stacey farber,jimmy-aubrey grahm...
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